Ce Soir Jersey

About us

Ce Soir, (meaning this evening) is the Parisian cousin of the secretive Blind Pig. It shares its decadent ambient period in time, with a bold and beautiful repertoire of sites across idealistic Paris. Ce Soir is a rather confident showboat; eccentric, opposed to The Blind Pigs (Speakeasy) secret hideaway down a back ally. Ce Soir is open to those whom share a mature mindset of the Cocktail drinking recreation in elegant surroundings.

The demand for our product in the Blind Pig has given us confidence to expand, without losing our identity into the mainstream establishments of St Helier’s Weighbridge location. The Blind pig will remain the secretive Prohibition Speakeasy, and maintain is standard’s for its loyal customers. But equally we will have the same products available in Ce Soir which creates a brand standard you can receive across both locations.

Madame Fifi the lady of the night, was born to the parent of the New York prohibition era, her father struggled after his saloon was closed by law-men, so they decided to return to his beloved Paris and reopen his infamous (Ce Soir).

Fifi became a eclectic mood setter of glamour, and lived for her seductive evenings at (Ce Soir) soon she stepped into her fathers foot steps to carry a flamboyance that drew many lovers of the evening recreation for miles.....

The Blind Pig / Ce Soir / Al Fresco Events are the creation and modern day vision of Brian Smith.

Opening times:

Wednesday, Thursday, 5pm-Late, Friday 4pm-1am and Saturday 5pm-1am, Opening hours vary depending on the season.